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SmitsMC works with software development teams of any size, small (a 5 person startup), medium (50 or 60 people), large (programs with more than a hundred participants) and extra large (1,500 people in a global program). And recently: specializing on work with the US federal government.

Scale is the big challenge when working in a large organization, and standards, and accepted processes. These obstacles to change are serious, and have to be taken serious, but they can be overcome when the involved organization is determined to make a change. When the organization has a reason to make a change. And when leadership drives the change. Those factors are no different in any organization.

At the core of Agile lies the principle “People & Communication over Process & Tools”. I believe that this principle is leading for all software professionals – whether they are in government, a multi-national organization or in a startup. I believe that a Project Management Professional uses this value from the Agile Manifesto as much as a ScrumMaster does. I believe that the owners of Fed & DoD projects are just as anxious as any other product owner to bring their results in the best possible circumstances – on time, on budget and with the right scope.

I’m focusing the efforts of SmitsMC towards government initiatives because I’ve always had a passion for change in large organizations. My first agile project was at Intelligent Finance, then BMC Software, AOL, CISCO followed. With the experience of those organizations under my belt I’m now applying the principles of Scrum for Professionals to the world of the US Government.

Hubert Smits – October 2014

SmitsMC: Offerings

Consultants from SmitsMC teach and coach people in your organization on use of Agile practices in the software development process. We use Scrum and Kanban as the basis of our work, and adopt the existing Software Development Life Cycle to work with the iterative concepts. We work with the leadership team of your organization, project managers within the PMO organization, and the actual development teams.

Popular activities include:

We prefer to work inside your organization with your people, using actual projects in the exercises. Contact us for a free discussion on how SmitsMC can help your professionals!

SmitsMC: Mission Statement

SmitsMC Consultants believe that practices from the Agile and Scrum domain are an enrichment of their Professional Software Developer practices. It is our mission to teach, coach and support the Agile and Scrum principles and practices to all people in an organization who wish to make these principles a leading in the work.

Background info can be obtained via my DUNS number: 830671793.

Wounded Warrior Project

Hubert - WWP Support

On a flight to a client I was starting a conversation with my neighbor, nothing special. Until the plane started rolling and the young fellow started shaking uncontrollably. He then told me his story about his trips to Iraq. At the age of 30 he is walking with crutches, for life, and has a fear of things that I always took for normal. He got support from the Wounded Warrior Project. I’m supporting the project.